Proactively protecting your brand identity, images, logos and trustmarks on the web.

Counterfeiting of branded items has long been a problem causing massive economic damage. In the online world, the brand identity - images, photos, logos and trustmarks - need to be proactively managed and protected against counterfeiting and illegal use.

The challenges are two fold:

  • Brand Management: get the right image, photo, logo or text to the right people consistently, accurately and reliably. Ensure that the right information is implemented in a timely fashion by affiliates across the internet. Improve the speed with which new promotions can be deployed.

  • Brand Protection: prevent or reduce the impact of copycat sites. Use resources effectively to indentify the major problems affecting the brand. Improve customer trust in the brand's websites.

Yoshki Brand Management, Control & Validation: a complete suite of online tools to proactively protect your brand.

Yoshki - The New Wave 3 min video here gives you an overview of what Yoshki can achieve. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the full set of Yoshki website protection, validation and accreditation technology. Call us now for a skype / WEBEX presentation or face to face meeting.

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